The Natural Marketplace

The Natural Maketplace

Address: 5 Diagonal Street, Warrenton, VA 20186
Across from Salvation Army Thrift store and large open grassy block with no building
Phone Number(s): 540.349.4111
Hours: Open 
Store: 10-6 Monday through Friday; 10-5 Saturdays store : 540-349-4111 OPEN FOR INSIDE TRAFFIC and shopping, but curbside and phone orders still available. Masks encouraged.

Deli: The deli hours have officially changed to Mon-Sat 10am to 3pm AND we have re-opened up the deli upstairs to customers as of Tuesday 5/26/2020 The Organic Deli 540-349-4110

Curbside service available for both The Natural Marketplace and the Deli. Payments can be made over the phone, mobile unit in driveway, cash and check.

NEW ON-LINE ordering through Facebook/Instagram and our website.

Please watch Facebook/Instagram for info on supplements, vitamins, groceries, produce (some local) and new deli specials.


The Deli is re-opened to customers and NEW hours are 10a-3p. You may meet with the deli staff to place your order and eat in the cozy upstairs and check out the books, candles and gift areas including the bulk herb section of The Natural Marketplace. You may also use our on-line ordering app available through our website, Facebook and Instagram pages. Thank you so much for supporting your local HEALTH FOOD STORE AND DELI. The Natural Marketplace, 30 years of goodness in Warrenton, VA.